Spectrum’s Person of the Month: Jodi Bell

Jodi Bell ~ Spectrum's Person of the Month

1. Who do you work with?

I am currently working in the Acquired Brain Injury program with Nicole S and Tammy F as well as supporting Shelley B. I was hired as Darsey’s Key worker in October 2009 until her passing in March of this year, which was very difficult for me.

2. What is your favorite thing about your job/or interests?

I honestly can’t believe that I get paid for this work!!! I love making a difference in someone else’s life, and the freedom that I have with these individuals. They are all unique and have such diverse personalities. I am able to accompany them swimming, to the gym to work out, going to movies, etc.  This is the very first “job” I have had that I truly feel this is what I am meant to be doing. It has made a huge, positive impact on my life!

3. What is your favorite thing about Spectrum?

I love what Spectrum stands for and represents, that is what initially drew me to applying for a position here. I read up on our website and learned the history behind our company before deciding that this is where I wanted to work. I believe in putting PEOPLE first, and that is exactly what I try to do on a daily basis with the individuals that I support.

4. What other kinds of jobs have you had before?

I have mostly worked in Customer Service and sales, until I finally got tired of the pressure to “make more money” for the company. It was always about the numbers……not the people. I started doing volunteer work in my spare time trying to find something that I was passionate about, and discovered that it was PEOPLE that I cared about. I began researching companies that would be a good fit with my beliefs, and I came across Spectrum and I knew immediately that this is where I wanted to devout myself.

5. Tell us a bit about your life?

I was born and raised in North Delta, BC and graduated from North Delta Senior Secondary, er,  a long time ago………… I have 2 brothers, one older who is married with children in Vernon, and a younger one who is single and lives in Surrey. I have never been married and I don’t have kids, which is rare now.   I continue to do volunteer work in my spare time, as that is what makes me feel good. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that is how I wound up at Spectrum.   I don’t think I would have been ready for this job 10 years ago. However, I believe that my life experiences have led me here today.

6. What are your goals?

I want to continue with the work I am doing and down the road I would like to explore different avenues with Spectrum.  I would love to meet the man of my dreams one day before everything starts drooping! My dream is to buy a heritage house, with or without a partner, and restore it to its original splendor.

7. If I could change one thing, I probably wouldn’t. I truly believe that everything is the way it is to teach us lessons and to help us learn and grow. I have learned that any challenges that I face are actually opportunities……if I look for them.

About Judy Wong

I am the Office Manager at Spectrum Society. I work with our staff, supported individuals, their families, friends and everyone who comes to visit at the office. I also enjoy working on special projects with our Personal Support Network team, headed by Aaron Johannes, Director of Research, Training and Development. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone over the past 11 years and look forward to many many more!
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2 Responses to Spectrum’s Person of the Month: Jodi Bell

  1. Ernie Baatz says:

    Thanks for finding us, Jodi!

  2. mishel says:

    ohhhh – how many times can I appreciate thee?! All your positive thoughts, ideas, influence and plans will continue to manifest themselves.

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